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Granny Ro

Not. One. Word.

Posted on 2007.01.13 at 13:01
What Fantasy Archetype Are you?

The Totally Wicked Villain
You are The Totally Wicked Villain! You're like Sauron (Lord of The Rings), Morgan (Arthurian Legend), The Emporer (Star Wars), The Witch (Narnia), The Angel (Neverwhere), Voldemort (Harry Potter) and The Keeper (Wizard's First Rule). Your shadowy plots and incredible power are immense obstacles to overcome and you are usually cruel, creepy, evil, heartless and have a motive that only The Mentor truly knows. Beware, though, you are almost invariably beaten by the Unlikely Hero, even if you killed the Seasoned Veteran Friend AND the Pillar-of-Strength Love Interest - feats even you rarely accomplish if ever.
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Eliza does a meme

Posted on 2006.12.07 at 16:03
Current Music: Driven Under // Seether
Here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle/Random
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

According to my media player, if my life were a movie, the soundtrack would sound like this in these pivotal moments...

Opening Credits:---------------- Driven Under // Seether

Waking Up:--------------------- Head on Straight // Tonic

First Day At School: ------------- Circles // Soul Coughing

Falling In Love: ----------------- The Dirty Glass // Dropkick Murphys

Breaking Up:------------------- Prelude 12/21 // AFI

Prom:------------------------- Angie // Rolling Stones

Dance Sequence:--------------- Think // Puddle of Mudd

Life's OK:---------------------- I'm Not Okay (I Promise) // My Chemical Romance

Breakdown:-------------------- So Insane // Smash Mouth

Driving:----------------------- Private Helicopter // Harvey Danger

Flashback:-------------------- Lying is the most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes // Panic! At the Disco

Getting Back Together:---------- Last Summer // Lostprophets

Wedding:--------------------- Someone Like You // Trustcompany

Sex Scene:-------------------- Inside of You // Hoobastank

Birth of Child:----------------- Watching You // Melissa Etheridge

Final Battle:------------------ Hero // Chad Kroger

Death Scene:----------------- Wait // Earshot

Funeral Song:----------------- Exitlude // The Killers

End Credits:------------------ The Boys of Summer // Don Henley

The Sound of her Wings

The Ramblings of a Bitter Old Woman

Posted on 2006.10.25 at 14:49
Whoever said 'You can't miss what you've never known' wasn't an empath.

I'm sorry for what I do.  But I still do

God knows I don't want to be an angel

Posted on 2006.08.31 at 11:35
Current Music: Engel // Rammstein (in the original German)
Rowena Maharissa Mox-Xanathos
Extremely Insane
Extremely Insane
Extremely Insane
Highly Dangerous

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Hmph. Like these things actually KNOW anything.

A Lifetime

As I burn another page

Posted on 2006.08.31 at 11:24
Leave a comment here in my LJ and I’ll give you a song which I think reminds me of you and a link to whatever source I have of the song. If I have it, I can send you the song. No holds barred. I offer complete and utter honesty.

Up to two songs offered. No more.


One from Eliza

Posted on 2006.08.21 at 14:36
Current Music: If Only // Hoobastank
<td align="center">

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Ha ha ha, Billy.

I&#39;m sorry for what I do.  But I still do

Why you should never have decendants

Posted on 2006.08.21 at 13:24
Current Music: I Walk Alone // Saliva
THIS is what I found in the paper this morning.

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

And THIS is what I found delivered to my home:

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

I am SO GLAD I'm going to be outliving my children.

Eliza: I think that's supposed to read that the Devil has Buyer's Remorse. Now, if I had been picking the headstone, I would have gone with Only The Good Die Young.


Sage words of Wisdom

Posted on 2006.08.19 at 14:40
Never have children. They will only drive you insane.

Take, for example, mine. I truely believe that my daughter Xanthe is out to get me. She has started inviting people TO MY WAKE.

I never should have made her that bloody promise. I should have known better.

And SHE should bloody well know better than to be doing this. She's over half a century old, by all the gods! This is eniterly too long to be holding a grudge!

All because I wouldn't get her a pony.

She would have eaten that blasted thing. And if not her, then one of her siblings!

Granny Ro


Posted on 2006.08.01 at 10:44
My friend kazukorin49 is a wonderful, kind girl who has put up with my RPing for several years now. She was there when I fell into the Harry Potter RP fandom, and has been dealing with Rowena for many, many years.

She made me art. Yes, that's a Youngish Rowena. Kaz keeps forgetting that Ro can't wear colors (that or she just doen't have enough black markers), but otherwise...

Just felt like sharing. *grin*

Posted on 2006.07.29 at 11:36
Current Music: Kryptonite // 3 Doors Down
Rowena Khalida Maharissa Mox-Xanathos:
Recipe for Love
- a pinch of intelligence

- a pinch of charisma

- 1/4 of a cup of hotness
Boil together and serve.
'What is your recipe for love?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Yes. That really IS my middle name, and it means Immortal. I think my mother's sense of humor is rather warped.

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